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The Electronic Practice

The Electronic Practice with accompanying CD-Rom electronic version and equivalent web-based version, (Wealth Management Press). Available from Trusts & Estates magazine at It addresses basic computing for trusts & Estate practitioners, organizes and links to numerous websites with original documents and commentary relating to the trusts & estates practice, and includes numerous and detailed reviews of software and web-based applications needed in the trusts and estates practice, as well as information and checklists to help you evaluate such packages.

Books and Software Published by Thomson Reuters/West

Estate Planning for Farmers and Ranchers (3d ed.

(with David A. Ludke and Burnell E. Steinmeyer, Jr.),

Available at Addresses income, estate, and gift taxation as it relates to farm and ranch families. Topics include partnerships and limited liability companies; the farm corporation; valuation of intangible, real, and chattel property; postmortem income and estate tax planning; and gifting of business aspects. Includes farm-specific information on property transfers, insurance issues, debt management and taxation of insolvent clients, farm specific accounting and reporting rules and the income and tax aspects of farm bankruptcies.

Family Business Organizations (2d ed.)

(with David A. Ludke and Burnell E. Steinmeyer, Jr.)

Available at www.thomson Covers all aspects of organizing and maintaining a closely held family business including relevant state law and tax law, research aids, and forms, combined with practical analysis and proven strategies for family business planning.

Intuitive Estate Planner

(with Konrad Schmidt, III) (Thomson Reuters/West)

Intuitive Estate Planner does comprehensive estate-planning and generation-skipping transfer tax calculations with state death tax calculations for all states (including decoupled states) pension accumulation and distribution calculations, charitable trusts, GRATs and GRUTs, planned sales (including self-canceling installment notes and intentionally defective irrevocable trusts), business organization balance sheets, previously taxed property credit, alternative allocations of tax burden and much more; integrated with estate tax and inheritance distribution calculations. Includes a client demonstration slide show. Available from ThomsonReuters/West