Jerry’s Website

My wife Jerry is an accomplished watercolorist. Her works are displayed on FineArtAmerica at

My Daughter Brenda’s Websites

Brenda is a professional photographer, filmmaker and PhotoShop teacher in Santa Fe, NM. Visit her website Brenda is the Project Editor of the book The Cubans and made the film "They Are Cuban" that is on the accompanying DVD. The film aims to acquaint the average American with the average Cuban. The preview trailer can be viewed on the website. Visit The Cubans at

The Old Scouts

My grandfather Hayden moved to southwest Nebraska at the turn of the 20th century. He was Resident Commander of a remarkable organization called The Old Scouts composed of local residents and Eastern friends of my grandfather that was dedicated to periodic hunting excursions in the Wallace, Nebraska area. I have prepared a brief history of The Old Scouts that can be viewed by click here.